Successful Libyan one-stop course

Successful Libyan one-stop course! Many thanks to the شركة اللمسة الطبية لمعدات طب الأسنان for their great support and to the participants for their fiery interactions. Stay tuned for the next course!

Two talented invited speakers will share the course at Dubai Exhibition.

Exciting News Two talented invited speakers will be available to share the course and answer visitors’ questions in Hall 1, Booth 103 at aeedcdubai ! Our speakers: Dr. Saeed Aladib, saeedaladib , DDS, Board Certified in Endodontics, will share his talk on “Safe and Predictable Root Canal Therapy”! Booth No.: Hall 1, Booth 103 Date: […]

Wishing you a joyful and prosperous New Year!

Thank you for your trust and support, and let rogin have the opportunity to bring you better services and products. 2023 has passed, welcome the brand-new 2024! In the new year, with new expectations, we will work hard as always, give back your trust and support, and wish you all the best, good health and […]

Why do you need a dental X-RAY machine I during a root canal procedure?

Functions of dental X-RAY machine: 1、Measure the depth of root canal2、Confirm the direction of root canal3、Check the cleanliness of old sealing fillings4、Confirming the tightness of the filling5、Basis for follow-up6、Reference for future reshaping Through X-ray images, the effect of root canal treatment can be observed. The dentist can clearly observe whether the treatment filling in the […]

Familiarity with New Skills of Endo

The “Familiarity with New Skills of Endo” one-stop RCT skills course by Dr. Siavash Moushekhian was held in Iran. Special thanks to @hila.salamat.andish for the great support and Dr. Siavash Moushekhian for his brilliant speech. We appreciate the attendees who came, and look forward to seeing you at the next workshop!

A case about Recip-one Files by Dr. romeroaaraujo

Case kindly shared by Dr. @romeroaaraujo from Brazil using Recip-one Files . Why choose 𝐑𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐩-𝐎𝐧𝐞 𝐅𝐢𝐥𝐞𝐬? Preparing a root canal is faster and easier than ever before. Minimise fatigue Safty at every step Versatility and precision

Courses organized by Dr. ghannamshehab from Yemen

Nearly 70 doctors attend this endodontic theory course taught by Dr. ghannamshehab the University of Science and Technology! Big thanks to Dr. ghannamshehab , khalasbahi , and jazem.alhottami for their tireless efforts in organizing this workshop!

Classification and difference between root canal files and enlarging needles

Reamers: Material: stainless steel, triangular cross-section, medium cutting ability, tip sharpness strong Precautions for use: pre-bend in advance, gentle, avoid violence H Files: Material: Stainless steel, round cross-section, strong cutting ability, strong tip sharpness. Precautions for use: Because the edge is relatively sharp, do not continuously pull in one direction, easy to cut excessively, rotate as gently as […]

Workshop “Comprehensive Course of Advanced Endodontics” in Iran.

Congratulations on this successful course and participants returned with renewed enthusiasm for the field of endodontics and a wealth of knowledge. Special thanks to Dr.Mahmood Kalanter for this brilliant course!!! Stay tuned for the next workshop not far from your country!