Classification and difference between root canal files and enlarging needles


Material: stainless steel, triangular cross-section, medium cutting ability, tip sharpness strong

Precautions for use: pre-bend in advance, gentle, avoid violence

H Files:

Material: Stainless steel, round cross-section, strong cutting ability, strong tip sharpness.

Precautions for use: Because the edge is relatively sharp, do not continuously pull in one direction, easy to cut excessively, rotate as gently as possible, rotate back in case of resistance, do not pull violently, as far as possible not to be used for root canals with large curvature.

k Files:

Material: stainless steel, square in cross-section, weak cutting force, weak tip sharpness.

Precautions for use: pre-bent in advance, gentle, avoid downward pressure, the same number of expanding needles to unblock before being used to trim the root canal

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