Use of Root Canal Anesthesia Aid – E-LITE IJ

A root canal anesthesia aid is a device used to assist with anesthesia during root canal treatment. It helps the dentist to more accurately position and inject the anesthetic medication, which improves the effectiveness of the treatment and the comfort of the patient.

The use of a root canal anesthesia aid usually involves the following steps:

Positioning: The dentist will use sensors or guides on the anesthesia aid to locate the tooth and root canal. These devices can indicate to the dentist the correct location for the injection through sound, light or electronic signals.

Injection: Once the position is accurate, the dentist will use the syringe on the anesthesia aid to inject the anesthetic medication. Anesthesia aids are usually equipped with micro syringes that allow precise control of the speed and pressure of the anesthetic drug delivery to ensure that the anesthetic drug is evenly distributed to the tooth and root canal area.

Monitoring: During the injection process, the anesthesia aid monitors the delivery of the anesthetic drug in real time and provides feedback to the dentist. This helps to ensure accurate delivery of anesthetic and patient comfort.

E-LITE IJ operation video

The use of a root canal anesthesia aid can improve the accuracy and control of anesthesia, reduce discomfort and pain, and improve treatment results.

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