What to look out for when using a root canal contour?

What is the principle of a root canal contour?

A root canal thwart removes extra-membranous material from the root canal wall where attached cells or bacteria have adhered to the inner wall of the root tip. If the root canal is not treated thoroughly, bacteria can be carried to the root tip. When the bacteria enter the root canal they produce a gas that creates resistance through the root canal wall. This allows these bacteria to grow and multiply from the canal and enables them to do so. The bacteria can then stick to the hard tissue of the tooth, depriving it of nutrients and causing apical destruction. The bacteria multiply in the root canal and form many bacterial filaments which then enter the tooth and surrounding tissues, eventually causing necrosis of the tooth.

There are two types of files commonly used in clinical practice today: manual files and machine files. Choosing the right treatment equipment can avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble and failure.

For some simple but demanding types of operation, such as patients suffering from pulpitis or periapical infection, or patients with mouth ulcers, gingivitis or other problems and undergoing root canal treatment. All can be operated with a manual filing instrument.

If a mechanical instrument is used for root canal treatment, care should be taken to ensure that the file is used with the right amount of force and a good seal to avoid apical inflammation; if there is no good seal or if it is not tight, this can lead to pulpitis.

Checking and replacing the file

When treatment is complete, check that your files are still in good condition. If the file is worn, replace it with a new one. This is a good habit and will give you better control over the results of your treatment.

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