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3.25-26 Iraq Course


Good news!

Rogin is sponsoring a new course in Iraq with our exclusive agent Al-Lubab Company @mohamad.khalid89 with Rogin E-lite Pro endo motor and Apex-S Apex Locator. 

The course will be on 25-26 March, and the talented speaker Dr. DR-Khalid Hasan will share the “Basic Endodontic Course from A-Z”

As usual, each participant will get %15 discount on #ROGIN products 
More detail

 Day 1 ( lectures)

 A- Introduction to all file systems 
 B- diagnosis 
 C- Access opening 
 D- isolation
 E- shaping
 F- irrigation 
 G- obturation

 Day 2 ( workshop)

Don’t miss!
Welcome to join us and experience🥰

Cass Chan

Cass Chan

Hi, I’m Cass Chan, the funder of [rogindental.com](https://rogindental.com/), I’ve been running a factory in China that makes endodontic files and assistant instruments for 12 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to endodontic files and assistant instruments from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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