How to Properly Clean and Maintain Your Dental Handpiece


Rogin want to help you get the best performance and longevity from your handpiece. To do that, we write this blog.

Dental handpiece is a highly precise instrument. Standard maintenance can ensure the normal operation of dental instruments to ensure safety. Premature failure may happen if not properly maintained. Most dental handpieces failures are due to improper use and maintenance, as knowledge in this area is limited.

The following tips will help you get longer service from your handpieces.

Clean the surface of your handpiece

Wipe the handpiece with a disposable wet cloth. Mild cleaners are acceptable, but make sure you remove all dirt, dust and biological matter before sterilizing.

Do not immerse the handpiece in water, chemical solution (disinfectant) or ultrasonic cleaner.

Dry the handpiece thoroughly with gauze, paper towels, or an air syringe.


Using a good quality service oil & the right adaptor, insert into handpiece and spray until the oil flows out of the head for about 2 seconds. You can’t over grease oil your handpieces.

Install bur in the correct manner and ensure you have run the handpiece long enough, preferably on a paper towel for 20 -30 seconds. Running the handpiece eliminates excessive oil and prevents sluggish handpiece performance after sterilization.


Disinfect your handpiece according to the manufacturer’s instructions, by autoclave or chemical steam sterilizer. When the process is complete, remove the handpiece from the autoclave. Do not leave the handpiece in the autoclave. Do not sterilize handpiece with bur inserted.

Let the handpiece dry

Removing the handpiece from the autoclave as soon as possible after the sterilization process is finished. Store the head upright until the inside is cool and dry. Never use your handpiece before it cools, and always let it cool naturally.

Last but not least, clean, lubricate and sterilize your handpieces after each patient at all times.



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