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Motor and Apex locator have great convenience in root canal treatment. This article will share my experience and teach you how to use Endo motor and Apex locator.

This article shows Rogin’s E-Lite PRO and Apex-S.

Following are the video presentation instructions:

Following are the text presentation instructions:


  1. Connect handpiece with handle and rotate it to press into the handle.
  1. Press grey power key to switch on.
motor instructions2
  1. Press [>][<] switch mode, M0-M9 10 modes in total. In M1 to M9 modes, press [S] key to adjust the speed, from 120 rpm to 1000 rpm. Press [S] again to adjust the torque, from 0.6N·cm-2.5N·cm.
motor instructions3
motor instructions4
motor instructions5
  1. Press [S] again to adjust the rotation mode. Foward means clockwise rotation and Reverse means counterclockwise rotation.
  2. In the off state, press power button and [S] key at the same time to enter User Setting, including Beep Volume, Hand mode, Brightness, Themes, Calibration and Resetting.
motor instructions6


  1. APEX-S Power button on upper right. Volume button is on the lower left of screen. The right button is setting of root canal reference point, from 0.6-0.0.
motor instructions9
motor instructions10
  1. Connect E-LITE PRO with APEX-S by double Type-c cable. Connection icon will be displayed on APEX-S screen. More functions will be started.
  2. Demonstration showing canal dilation during measurement.
motor instructions11


Hi, I’m Cass Chan, the funder of [rogindental.com](https://rogindental.com/), I’ve been running a factory in China that makes endodontic files and assistant instruments for 12 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to endodontic files and assistant instruments from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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