Introduction of ROGIN Endo Ultra Activator–ULTRA MAX


Working Principle :

Using ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation to activate the irrigation fluid in the root canal to produce cavitation, acoustic current, chemical and thermal effects, etc., combined with mechanical irrigation and the sterilization effect of the irrigation fluid itself, the root canal can be cleaned more effectively.

Back Ground For ULTRA MAX:

  1. At present, the success rate of root canal treatment can reach 85%~90%.However, due to the complexity and diversity of the anatomical structure of the root canal system and medullary cavity, microbial variants and virulence changes, differences in medical equipment or doctors’ clinical skills, and other factors, root canal treatment still has a certain failure rate.
  2. A large number of anaerobic bacteria can be detected in infected rootcanals that have failed root canal treatment. Some bacteria can survive ina nutrient-free root canal environment, and can even spread to the dentin tubules, leading to secondary and persistent root canals Internal infection.
  3. In the process of root canal treatment, it is difficult to achieve the ideal cleaning effect with simple instrument preparation. Bacteria can also remain on the root canal wall, isthmus, apical bifurcation, intercanal communication branches and other parts. Root canal irrigation can clean the area (30%~70%) that cannot be reached by the instrument. It plays an important role in the cleaning and disinfection of the root canal system. It is an indispensable key step in the successful root canal treatment.

Product performance:

  1. Remove dentin detritus,microorganisms and their metabolites
  2. Lubricate the tube wall and facilitate the root canal forming and reduce the chance of instrument breaking in the root canal.
  3. Dissolve the remaining pulp tissue
  4. Decontamination layer

Product Highlights

  1. Ultrasonic wave washing, frequency 40KHz,better than sound wave.
  2. The head can be rotated, and the operation is flexible at any position in the oral cavity, especially in the mesial position,which is the exclusive design by ROGIN.
  3. The needle will have long lifespan and no more than 200 root canals will be broken· In order to ensure safety, 50 root canals are recommended·
  4. Wireless and easy to operate.
  5. With strong perception, the doctor will see that the root canal is obviously the dentin coming out and experience is excellent.

Washing method:

Official report method:

The methods are continuous flushing and intermittent flushing. Most studies have confirmed that intermittent flushing is more effective than continuous flushing. Using 2% NaCIO as the irrigant, ultrasonic intermittent rinsing(20 s each time,20 s intermittent, total 3 times) was significantly better than ultrasonic continuous rinsing for1 min, and there was no difference in cleaning effect of ultrasonic continuous rinsing for 3 min.

Actual clinical investigation and use method:

Shake and wash directly for 20 seconds and then rinse, or shake and wash for about 5 seconds each time and repeat 3times, you can achieve a good shaking and washing effect, and the efficiency is very high.

During the washing process, the specific work keeps a working distance of 2mm.

Pull up and down to prevent the formation of steps due to vibration in one position for too long.

Suggestion: Rinse after 20seconds each time,3 cycles is better, according to the doctor’s operating habits. After using 5oroot canals, replace with a new root canal needle.



Rogin, a leading dental instrument manufacturer in China with over 12 years of expertise, specializes in advanced root canal files. Our commitment to innovation and precision engineering ensures superior quality instruments that empower dental professionals worldwide to deliver exceptional patient care with confidence and efficiency.

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