Introduction of Rogin latest curing light – TQ8


1 second curing ! Rogin curing light–TQ8 has Powerful gathering light, international quality. We know quality and durability of any composite restoration is related to curing light device to be able to make complete curing of composite resin , so we developed a powerful and durable device for our beloved dentists around the world.

Mode Introduction

Turbo mode: 1800-2000mW/cm2

Curing time: 1S, 3S

This high-intensity mode is suitable for curing orthodontic brackets, post-core and porcelain veneer photosensitive adhesives.

Full mode: 1200mW/cm2

Curing time: 5S, 10S, 15S, 20S

Suitable for conventional resin curing, with stable light intensity at 1200, which is the conventional mode of a light curing machine.

Ramp mode: 1200mW/cm2

Curing time: 5S, 10S, 15S, 20S

Suitable for conventional resin curing. The light intensity ranges from 0-1200 in the first five seconds, and then stabilizes at 1200. This mode cures more uniformly and the resin shrinks less; it is more suitable for children and people with sensitive teeth.

Check mode:

This is a caries detection mode which is used to detect caries, cracked teeth, etc.; dentists no longer need to purchase a caries detector.

Detection time: 30S, 60S

Rogin curing light TQ8 parameter

Advantages of front metal joints:

The latest American imported wide-spectrum LED light source, combined with our professional lens technology, is used to ensure uniform and direct spectrum, better penetrability and reduce light intensity loss; the front connector adopts a 90-angle metal head, which is convenient for molars in the oral cavity. For curing, the patient does not need to open the mouth very wide, and the comfort is greatly improved. The LED light source is designed on the top of the metal head, no light guide rod is required. Under the same light intensity, its heat generation is about 20% lower than that of the model with light guide rod. The metal light source connector is removable and replaceable, and it is not easy to drop and damage; high temperature and high pressure sterilization is not supported, and it is recommended to use it with a disposable isolation bag.


National CB certified lithium batteries are used to minimize the hidden dangers. It is safe and reliable with a long service life.

Constant drive technology:

Constant light output;

Light intensity does not decay when the current drops.

Charging base:

The base has its own light metering function, which can test the light intensity of the machine at any time to ensure that the machine is in the best state of use; the new TYPE-C charging interface is convenient and practical.

Try our new device and let your restoration last longer with complete curing with our Rogin TQ8 curing light .



Rogin, a leading dental instrument manufacturer in China with over 12 years of expertise, specializes in advanced root canal files. Our commitment to innovation and precision engineering ensures superior quality instruments that empower dental professionals worldwide to deliver exceptional patient care with confidence and efficiency.

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