What instruments are used in a root canal


Root canal treatment involves complex dental procedures that require a variety of specialized tools. Root canal treatment is very complex, and the proper use of special tools can make a dentist's job much smoother.

Instruments play a very important role in the success of root canal treatment, so basic knowledge of root canal instruments is essential.

Here are some common root canal tools:

Instruments used for opening

Endodontic Burs

Burs are the first tool used in root canal treatment. They are responsible for opening the affected teeth and providing an entrance to the canal. The shape and size of the burs depends on the type of tooth and the treatment.

Dental Burs

Gate Drills & Peeso Reamers

They are used to shape the orifice and the top portion of the canal above the first curvature. They are also used during root canal retreatment to remove gutta-percha.

Instruments used for canal preparation

Barbed Broach

Barbed broaches are a useful dental instrument that removes pulp during a root canal treatment. It is manufactured from round wires, and the smooth surface is notched to form barbs. 

Barbed Broaches with Plastic Handle


Reamers are used for initial debridement of root canal. The cutting force is weak but safe.



There are different types of files. For example, K-Files are used to trim root canals and enlarge canal after debridement with a reamer. H-files are specially designed for shaping canals after they are previously cleaned and enlarged with K-files in root canal treatment.

Sup-Taper Files gold

Instruments used for canal obturation

Paste Carriers ( Lentulo )

It’s used to feeding root canal sealers or cement in root canal treatment.

Paste Carriers

Gutta Percha Filler

It used for pressuring and filling gutta percha. It is made of stainless steel or nickel-titanium.

Gutta Percha Filler

Gutta Percha & Absorbent Paper Points

Gutta Percha Points is a filling material. After the preparation of the root canal, the cavity has been cleaned and filled with Gutta Percha Points.

gutta percha points

Absorbent Paper Points are Made of pure cotton fiber absorbent paper, so it has good water absorption. It is used for root canal cleaning when endodontic treatment.

Absorbent Paper Points

I believe that through the introduction of this article, you have a certain understanding of the common tools of root canal treatment.



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