Why crown is needed after root canal treatment


After root canal treatment, the doctor will generally recommend the patient to have a dental crown to protect the affected tooth, but many friends have doubts like:

Why did my doctor recommend a crown after my root canal treatment? Is this advice really for my own good, or is he trying to get me spend more money?

This article will introduce you the benefits of using a crown and give you a better understanding of the importance of wearing a crown after root canal treatment.


Restore the fragile tooth

After the root canal treatment, the tooth loses its pulp, just like a tree without its roots. Without the pulp to nourish the tooth, the surrounding empty shell becomes fragile and at risk of splitting at any time during use. The main reason to wear a crown after root canal treatment is that it strengthens the tooth. A durable crown can cover the tooth, making it stronger in use while preventing fractures or debris.

Protect teeth from sensitivity

After root canal treatment, the remaining nerves in the tooth may become very sensitive to heat and cold. This can make you feel very uncomfortable. This is another reason why you should cover your tooth with a crown after root canal treatment.

Keep your teeth natural looking color

Some teeth may change color after root canal treatment, If your teeth look gray or dark, crowns can provide a more natural appearance and white color to match other teeth.

Prevent Infection – Reduce Risk

After root canal treatment, there is a greater risk of infection and contamination of the tooth surface. Crowns are not just for aesthetics. They can play an important role in preventing leakage from sealing your tooth to avoid reinfection.

After root canal treatment, we need to pay more attention and care for the tooth with crowns in time:

  1. Avoid biting hard objects. Although the chewing function of tooth was basically restored after root canal treatment, but without pulp, tooth are much weaker than before, so try to avoid biting hard objects.
  2. Just after the root canal treatment, there will be some discomfort in the tooth. If the discomfort can disappear after a short period of time, it is a normal reaction. After a period of time, if there is still tooth pain, red and swollen phenomenon, then be sure to go to the hospital in time for examination and treatment.
  3. After root canal treatment and wearing dental crowns for protection, we should still pay more attention to oral hygiene, brush our teeth in the morning and evening, gargle after meals, and form good hygiene habits.

Root canal treatment is one of the best ways to treat damaged teeth, and remember that a crown is necessary after root canal treatment.



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