Why use of kids files for root canal treatment in children


Treatment for dental caries varies according to the extent of the caries and the child's condition.

Saving a child’s decayed or damaged tooth, rather than removing it out too early, is actually the best treatment.

If the cavity is deep or the trauma has affected the nerves in the child’s teeth, getting a root canal is one of the best ways to keep the baby teeth intact until the adult teeth erupts.

Children’s root canal wall is fragile and the length of it is short. It’s a good way to protect them to using kid files for root canal treatment in children.

kid file

Choosing a high quality kids file is critical.

I recommend Rogin’s kids files for three reasons:

Advantages of kids files

1. Short thread design, matching the short root canal of baby’s teeth.

2. The small files protects the fragile root canal wall of baby’s teeth effectively.

3. The thread is changed from the tip of the files to the back to facilitate chip evacuation.

In addition to root canal treatment, usually more should protect the child’s teeth.

Here are some suggestions:

Oral Health Guidance for Parents of Young Children

1.Protect children’s teeth with fluoride.

2.Limit sweet foods and drinks

3.Dental sealants

4.Keeps mouths clean

According to the study of the National Association of School Nurses


Rogin, a leading dental instrument manufacturer in China with over 12 years of expertise, specializes in advanced root canal files. Our commitment to innovation and precision engineering ensures superior quality instruments that empower dental professionals worldwide to deliver exceptional patient care with confidence and efficiency.

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